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It's a long  hard road to gain freedom, those waiting  to snatch away happiness  at a moment's notice; at any opportunity.   These shoes that I love  have walked those steps  I have worked hard I have risen above failure,  but I don't mock those beneath me: I guide them and advise them of those traps hidden along the road, criminals laughing as they mock. 


I was meant to be history like the tick tock of a broken clock that planned my time, my days, my hours, my entire life.  I stand here today remembering my courage and remembering my prayers for freedom I did swear for on the Bible, I could be whoever I chose and I kept my enemies close, watching set their vicious traps for I was always one step ahead.

It is a long hard road but I have my skills to help me carry my load and I am proud: for I have a place in this world and I shall always belong.

--------------------PAULA GLYNN


We endeavor as a church to establish a distinctive and unique style of ministry and worship that will impact the communities and leave a lasting legacy that will increase the quality of life for church members, area, and regional residents.


Global Missions Outreach is a partnership of Christian churches and ministries dedicated to providing basic healthcare, humanitarian relief, economic development and the message of the Gospel to increase the quality of life for individuals and communities both locally and across the world.  


Conquerors Church ministries focus on several major areas of development designed for maximum community impact:

1. Leadership Development which will encompass both systematic training and development for our current generations and generations to come.

2. Community Development which is dedicated to impacting our local communities with businesses and services designed to increase the quality of life for areas residents.

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