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We see the world as a collection of individuals, each with a unique story, and all awaiting to encounter God's mercy and grace.  We believe every follower of Jesus is called to reach the world -  in life,  in family and in work.


Conquerors Church is where these two world's collide, serving as a platform to connect the dreams that God has placed in His people's hearts to the individuals in our community who could use help seeing their dreams come to pass. To get involved or to request services, contact us.


The vision of Conquerors Church Intl. is summarized and implemented in simple terms, outlined by the acronym E-3:

EVANGELIZE- through focused, measured campaigns to increase the Kingdom of God

EDUCATE- through our "Success" tracks and community resources

EMANCIPATE- through ministry gifts and Kingdom reproduction

Our desire is to establish a generational footprint in the communities we serve.  Our mission is outlined and implemented by the acronym I-3:


IMPACT- generations with the message of the Gospel and establishing His Kingdom here on earth.

IMPLEMENT- discipleship training for success in life, family & work.

INCREASE- the quality of life for members & the global community  through Kingdom Resources.

MATTHEW 28:15-18

Our directive is to fulfill the Great Commission going literally into all the world to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We will seek to implement ministry:

  • Locally

  • Regionally

  • Nationally

  • Internationally


Luke 4:18, 19 outline the Gospel of Christ.  We must be born again but in order to dos we must allow God into our lives so that an eternal change can be made to our destiny.

Salvation requires the following according to Romans 10:9,10.  We must confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and Saviour of our lives and sincerely believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead for with our hearts we believe unto righteousness, and with our mouth confession is made unto salvation.


Ask Jesus into your heart today... 

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